Where does the Mac AppStore download temp files to

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I was downloading the developer preview of Lion and accidentally connected to my works VPN during the download. That was a major ooops. Afterwards, the Mac App store would only show “An error occurred” with no retry of downloading the file no matter how many times I clicked on the Install button. So digging around, it stores temporary files at:

~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/

I’m sure you know ~ means your user directory and not the drive root.

So to fix that “An Error has occurred” perform the following:
1. Sign out of the Mac App Store (Store Menu -> Sign Out)
2. Quit the Mac App Store app
3. Delete anything underneath ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/
4. Restart the Mac App Store app
5. Sign into the Mac App Store (Store Menu -> Sign In)

After signing back in, you should see your downloads start over.

Update 2010.02.26
It also would seem there is a debug menu you can do a safer alternative:
1. Open Terminal
2. Enter defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true
3. Relaunch the AppStore
4. Choose the menu item Debug Menu -> Reset App
5. Choose the menu item Debug Menu -> Check for Available Downloads…

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This was rather helpful.

Posted by Nabeel Rahimpour on 03/25 at 01:51 AM

An excellent tip.  Helped me find out where Snow Leopard was downloading my Lion preview release so I could back it up!

Posted by Geekoid on 06/23 at 11:13 PM

brilliant. I had problems downloading lion today kept getting that error message, did this and it corrected it!

Posted by Tez on 07/20 at 12:44 PM

In my case, this folder doesn’t exist… I’m already using Lion.

Posted by Kleber Correia on 07/21 at 05:04 PM

A quick update.  Once you start using Lion, the download folder moves but the Debug menu stuff still works.  Follow those instructions and everything is sweet.

Posted by PC on 07/28 at 04:54 AM

The first suggestion worked for me. (Of course, It’s early to say so, but it’s downloading now.) Instead of just deleting the items in the folder, I saved them to a new folder on my desk top… over cautions, maybe, but it makes me feel better.

The second option did not - I could not find a “menu item Debug Menu”.

Posted by t./ on 07/29 at 07:25 PM

I had the same problem - except that on Lion, the options seemed to have moved a bit.

Step1: Enable debug menu as mentioned above:
1. Sign out of Appstore, Quit Appstore and Open Terminal
2. Enter defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true

Step 2:
1. Launch Appstore. Locate the Debug menu item - the last one on the right.
2. Click on “Reset Application”. I also clicked “Clear Cookies” but cant say if that helped. It didn’t harm - so you can click on that for good measure.

Step 3: Relaunch App Store and sign in. You should be able to see the purchases without the red error text. Click on Install (for the ones where you had a problem) and it should work there on.

Posted by DB on 08/07 at 11:27 PM

I am using Lion (10.7), the folder ~/Library/Application Support/AppStore/ does not seem to be there any longer. Anybody know where has it gone? I am in an area where bandwidth is limited and don’t want to have to download XCode when I can just borrow a friend’s install file.
The install file doesn’t work if you double click it, so i figure it needs to go into the directory where AppStore downloads it, and let it take care of the install.

Posted by Mark on 09/14 at 11:46 AM

I am using Snow Leopard and cannot find the Appstore under Application support….

Posted by John on 11/30 at 10:39 PM

@John - With OS X Lion, the temp folder has moved. The only clear way to get to the download folder is by entering in terminal:

defaults write com.apple.appstore ShowDebugMenu -bool true

Restart the app store, you’ll see a new Debug menu option on the top menu bar. Clicking that will show a menu option “Show Download Folder…” Everyones download folder is now a unique location under lion.

Posted by Ryan on 12/01 at 07:39 AM

Finally, the answer I was looking for!
Unfortunately for me I should have jump the step of resetting. Because I just wanted to know if the download was working. In my case I deleted some hours of download, but now I know where to find the download folder and am able to monitor it.

Congratulations and thanks!

Posted by Marcelo on 01/13 at 05:23 PM

Anyone knows why I can’t click on options as “Account” on the right side of my app store, as well as Sign Out in the dock menu?

Thanks in advance.

Posted by Christiaan van de Burgt on 01/23 at 10:30 AM

Little add:

Clicking on Sign Out doesn’t do anything, so could I still follow up the rest of the steps without signing out first?
I don’t wanna lose anything important trying to fix problems..:p

Posted by Christiaan van de Burgt on 01/23 at 11:25 AM

Thanks you! I’ve been looking for a fix for this. Brilliant!

Posted by justin Lamoureux on 04/27 at 07:08 PM

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