OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 Server Spotlight for Networked Drives

Since moving my home server to Snow Leopard, AKA OS X 10.6 I recently bought a drobo to keep all my archives on for relatively fast access. At least faster than searching my archives with CD Finder, then pulling out the appropriate DVD to restore. One thing that I was really excited to use was spotlight on my archives. After setting up my AFP shares to my drobo, I tried searching. I got a big fat nothing. Local or networked, a big fat nothing in the results. I looked in my sharing preferences which had Enable Spotlight Indexing properly checked. Hopefully, if you’re reading this you had this problem too. The solution is simple (at least it was for me).

Make sure that you turn on SMB sharing as well.

Once I enabled SMB on the same drive/folder that was running the AFP share, the spotlight icon lit up instantly to show that it was indexing. Now I have a healthy 1GB index instead of the paltry 1.1MB that works quite well over the network. I guess the question I’m left with is why in the hell do you need to enable SMB, a non apple file format in order to get spotlight to index a network drive?

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any idea if this will work on 10.5 or 10.6 std mac os revision ? (not server)

am looking for a tips to index my network shares in spotlight !



Posted by info on 12/22 at 04:37 AM

Hmm..  Have you tried this on Lion?  I have SMB enabled on the network disk, but indexing does not start.



Posted by George on 06/16 at 11:06 AM

@George, I haven’t had the same issue in Lion Server, but I will say Lion Server is pretty wonky and easy to mess up. Hopefully, you’ll figure out what the problem is. If you do, please comment back on what the solution was.



Posted by Ryan on 06/16 at 11:56 AM

Yes, I have Lion Server, too.

My network drive is a machine running FreeNAS (netatalk).

From some other forum browsing I did, it looks like the solution actually fall into the hands of the netatalk guys:  MacOS sends a request to the remote afp server to do the search, instead of doing it over the network.  Makes sense for performance reasons, but doesn’t solve our problem.  I sure hope there is a compatibility option.

Posted by George on 06/16 at 12:16 PM

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