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Just when you think you’ve finished a flash with any external file references, it will always come to bite you in the ass when you move it to the production servers. Case in point, there is a bug in Flash to do with assigning a skin attribute to the FLVPlayback.skin when using loadMovie() from a parent flash. It does not follow the crossdomain.xml rules as it should. Let’s pretend you have a website for media, one for html, which in this case, I do:

My Page Server: www.mycompany.com
My Media Server: media.mycompany.com

When you have a flash project that uses the FLVPlayback you can not place your files in the following locations:
Page: www.mycompany.com/flashproject.html
flash: media.mycompany.com/myswf.swf
skin: media.mycompany.com/myskin.swf

You need to have your skin file on the same server as your page file (.jsp, .asp, .html, etc.) so you’ll have to configure it like this:
Page: www.mycompany.com/flashproject.html
flash: media.mycompany.com/myswf.swf
skin: www.mycompany.com/myskin.swf

On top of that, you can not reference the skin file as myflv.skin = “http://www.mycompany.com/myskin.swf”. It must be referenced relative to the address of your HTML page as ../myskin.swf, skinFiles/myskin.swf, etc. Here the location to the adobe tech note.



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