A problem occurred when processing opengl commands

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Getting this error? If so you may want to check out your OpenGL Settings, specifically The texture memory, which in my case was set too hight. Here is the documentation taken straight from adobe:

To modify the amount of texture memory, choose Edit > Preferences > Previews (Windows) or After Effects > Preferences > Previews (Mac OS), click OpenGL Info, and enter a value for Texture Memory of no more than 80% of the installed video RAM (VRAM) on your video card.

Be sure to exit and restart after effects after lowering your settings.

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I tried this, it did not change anything. I have 8GB DDR RAM. The selected amount was 200 MB of texture usage, i changed it to 100 still i get the error. I know disabling the OpenGL will solve the problem, but OpenGL helps fast render, and who can live without that.

Posted by Shahab G on 06/16 at 05:19 AM

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