Sure Target for Cinema 4D


Andrew Kramer over at, one of the coolest sites for After Effects tutorials, has a free plugin called Sure Target. In a word, it is awesomeness. It lets you easily shift from 3D element to 3D element with nothing more than setting a few parameters and keyframes for a fluid movement from one object to the next. I’ve scoured the net looking for this very same thing for Cinema 4D to help improve my workflow. Alas, I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t set me back 70+ bucks so I’ve written an xpresso/c.o.f.f.e.e. setup for Cinema 4D that is based off of the ideas of Andrew Kramer’s “Sure Target” and a variation from one of Tim Clapham’s camera rigs from Making it look great 6. Be warned, this is my first time programming c.o.f.f.e.e.  and I only spent a couple hours on it, so there are bound to be some bugs as I have not tested it with every object in Cinema 4D, and it currently only allows 10 objects. I highly suggest wrapping objects inside of nulls so you can have more control of the objects orientation. As I get some feed back (hopefully) I’ll put together a little FAQ and perhaps a demo and some improvements.

2010.04.04 Update: Now with dolly tracking
With my own personal projects I found the need for individual dolly tracking for each target (just like the original) so I added that functionality into Beta V2.

2010.05.08 Update: Now a release version and new video tutorial
Seems this sucker is getting updated about once a month.

Watch Tutorial | Download Sure Target for Cinema 4D (V1.3)
Download Sure Target Example Scene

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Techsmith Encoder on a Mac

It would seem that techsmith loves to torture its mac users saying that their download page contains both the techsmith encoder and decoder to write out your compressed files. Hog wash I say! This is the true hidden link that contains the encoder as well. Don’t forget you’ll need a valid license to install this version:

Techsmith Video Encoder for Mac (Universal)

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