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Andrew Kramer over at videocopilot.net, one of the coolest sites for After Effects tutorials, has a free plugin called Sure Target. In a word, it is awesomeness. It lets you easily shift from 3D element to 3D element with nothing more than setting a few parameters and keyframes for a fluid movement from one object to the next. I’ve scoured the net looking for this very same thing for Cinema 4D to help improve my workflow. Alas, I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t set me back 70+ bucks so I’ve written an xpresso/c.o.f.f.e.e. setup for Cinema 4D that is based off of the ideas of Andrew Kramer’s “Sure Target” and a variation from one of Tim Clapham’s camera rigs from Making it look great 6. Be warned, this is my first time programming c.o.f.f.e.e.  and I only spent a couple hours on it, so there are bound to be some bugs as I have not tested it with every object in Cinema 4D, and it currently only allows 10 objects. I highly suggest wrapping objects inside of nulls so you can have more control of the objects orientation. As I get some feed back (hopefully) I’ll put together a little FAQ and perhaps a demo and some improvements.

2010.04.04 Update: Now with dolly tracking
With my own personal projects I found the need for individual dolly tracking for each target (just like the original) so I added that functionality into Beta V2.

2010.05.08 Update: Now a release version and new video tutorial
Seems this sucker is getting updated about once a month.

Watch Tutorial | Download Sure Target for Cinema 4D (V1.3)
Download Sure Target Example Scene