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Rushing through to figure out how to install the iAd Tester app on your iOS device and test with your local development machine? Me too. Here’s hoping the google gods pointed you in the right direction.

First, a couple of assumptions:
A. You’ve installed Xcode and your iOS device is already setup as a development device
B. You’ve installed iAd Producer
C. The iOS device and Mac are on the same network

Now here are the directions:
1. Open finder and go to /Developer/iAdJSDeveloper/iAdTester-Device/

2. Drag iAdTester to your iTunes Apps directory as shown

iAdTester drag and drop to iTunes

3. Sync your device on iTunes and make sure that the iAd Tester app is now on your device.

4. Start up iAd Tester on your device and iAd Producer on your mac.

5. Disconnect your iOS device from its USB connection

6. Start up iAd tester on your iOS device, you will get an initial warning about running this app. This is normal

7. Make sure you have Share Ads Locally from the iAd Producer menu.

iAdTester drag and drop to iTunes

8. Choose preferences (cmd+,) from the iAd producer menu on the mac.

9. Click pair device – You may have to restart iAd Tester on your iAd device or restart iAd producer. I’ve found this part to be a little buggy.

10. On your iOS device, you should see a listing under Computers for your Mac as shown:

iAdTester drag and drop to iTunes
11. Select your Computer and you’ll be presented with a code to enter. Obviously this code is given to you on your Mac once your chose “Pair Device”.

12. After the pairing, close iAd tester on your iOS device and restart. You should now be able to select your computer serving up iAds and will list any iAds you have created for that device type. If you created an iPad iAd and you paired up an iPhone, you won’t see it on your list.