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One thing most Objective-C programmers know, like C, you can declare variables of the same type the long way, such as:

NSString *street1;
NSString *street2;
NSString *city;
NSString *state;

or the preferred short way of:

NSString *street1, *street2, *city, *state;

This is nothing new, but what you may not know, is when you are declaring matching properties, you can declare properties that share the same type in your .h file like this:

@property(nonatomic, retain) NSString *street1, *street2, *city, *state;

and in your .m file you can also do the synthesize statement with mixed vaiable types as:

@synthesize street1, street2, city, state;

If you create classes with a lot of variables, this will seriously cut down on amount of lines used just for standard variable declaration.