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So by my third post I have to say, I really don’t like using the web interface to upload my salacious info. I mean it’s cool that wordpress has a rich text format editor, but I get the feeling I installed something wrong as every time I try to add some HTML in the code view, it farts at me and kills any instances of break tags and it ends up looking like onereallylongstatement. To that, I decided to try MarsEdit. I have to say, for $30 this is much nicer (and simpler) than going through the web interface. Within 15 seconds, I am up and running. It has a nice feature to upload new images or peruse your flicker account and use those images. I felt like a newbie after seeing how many different blog systems it supports. On top of that, you can use your favorite text editor or the nice plain jane editing MarsEdit has to offer.