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This week I purchased a 10 connection license of CrushFTP. I have to say, I’m impressed for what you get for $30. Though there seemed to be some initial hick-ups, most likely due to the fact I installed it on leopard machine (because from what I’ve read it’s piss poor support for Java). What is especially cool is the WebDAV web browser interface, the level of customization you can have and all the different server formats it supports (FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WEBDAV). Did I mention it’s only $30? Sure, the java interface isn’t the prettiest for us Mac users to look at, but where it lacks in UI, it definitely makes up functionality.

So since I’ve had this major bug up my ass to get a new website going, I’ve been trying out different configurations. I like the idea of being able to access files from my machine from anywhere. Since I loathe trying to remember IP addresses, I bought a domain name of ugrabbit.com which I have set to forward to my WebDAV web browser. At first, I changed the inital setting from port 8080 to 80. But then I wanted to use my machine to test PHP based content while also running the crushFTP web interface. That’s when I found out Web Sharing and WebDAV/HTTP don’t get along so good.

So here was my solution to make things go easier:

I setup crushFTP back to the default settings, basically be trashing everything, shutting down, emptying the trash and copying a fresh version to my applications folder. I set forwarding on my ugrabbit.com to forward to my http://myactualIPatthattime:8080. Since I don’t wanna go broke buying cutesy IP addresses, I setup a second friendly name by getting a free account over at no-ip.com and am routing my standard web port via the address of ragle.hopto.org. The main thing to remember is both will play nice as long as crushFTP stays north of port 80 (approximately 8000 ports north). Otherwise I’m thinking some /etc/httpd/httpd.conf ninja code-ary would have to be preformed to get them to play nice with each other.