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OK, so I asked my boss for a new laptop, because the company has never bought me one. Honestly at first I never asked because we all know how Macs are poo-pooed in the generic business world. This last go around using my outdated powerbook G4 for flash development about killed me. Needless to say, the whole process took about 2 months from request to doorstep, and it’s finally here – about 15 days from MacWorld where it will become obsolete.Â

The laptop itself is awesome as it’s a top of line 17-inch MacBook Pro with all the trimmings. 2.6Hgz Processor, 200GB HD@7200, Matte display 1680×1050 res (on purpose).

So this new amazing laptop had me thinking what to do with my old aged PowerBook G4. That was a quick decision, Web Server. It makes perfect sense, low power consumption, 1 inch thick, unix based OS.Â

Since leopard was already on, I installed mySQL, wordpress, enabled .php and did a plethora of debugging in the process. Most notably was this error on not being able to upload. A quick “chmod 7777 /library/WebServer/Documents/wp-content/uploads fixed the issue lick-ity split.

So if you’re reading this, Just now it’s served off a circa 2004 PowerBook.