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I think this is my favorite time of year. No, not the holidays. I’m glad the over eating & family visits are over with and I can sit at my desk again and try to get some work done. What I’m really talking about is the MacWorld keynote. I pretty much hit all the Mac websites and read their juicy rumors, look at their blurry pictures and professional rendering guesses about what cupertino will have in store for us when Mr. Jobs hits the stage in San Francisco.

What really surprised me today is now my MacPro is obsolete. No sooner than 6 months, my Dual 2.66Ghz Dual-Core Xeon is a dinosaur. Today, the same money I spent 6 months ago would get me 8 processor machine today. My god 8 processors (with 12MB L2 cache per processor), it may even double as an attractive space heater, though I guess the new 45nm processors probably run a lot cooler than my ancient 65’s.

So if they announced this today, what does that mean for MacWorld? Hopefully it means that the new MacPro is insignificant to what we’ll all see via the “Reality Distortion Field” come the 15th. I just hope to god it’s not all about movie rentals and iPhones. Gimme the hardware yo.