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So this week was my first time doing film, edit, compress, upload all in real-time. It isn’t so much real time as I would have liked it to have been. I think the main problem was that I was mixing a bunch of different formats (1080i / 480i / etc) within Final Cut Pro and had I just stayed with a standard accross the whole process, meaning every piece of footage was 30fps 720x480i etc. that the processor wouldn’t have choked so much.

Nevertheless, I found the best sequence compression was to use the Apple Intermediate Codec. It was easily the fastest out of the bunch – Animation codec probably choked the most. DV codecs screwed up the pixel aspect ratio.

The new equipment however, worked flawlessly. Everyone was intrigued about the light. With the field mixer, there is a wonderful auto limiter and the camera has an auto attenuation mode. Because there will always be other noises going on (other people around) and this is not in a controlled environment, I just had to set it and forget it (cue Ron Popiel).

The one thing I did not care for was the you tube final compression – it looked terrible. I wish we could have done it with a better spec, but our corporate account won’t come into effect until next month. Maybe then I’ll be happy.