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Missing Textures / Low Memory: Plugin-Shader Sky Volume Material (Sky Volume Material)

So you may just starting to experiment with NetRender and you tried a project that is using the Sky Plugin. The fix is quite simple. Go to your Cinema 4D Application Modules folder and copy the folder “sky”. Now navigate to your Cinema 4D NetRender Modules folder and paste a copy of that folder in. Restart your servers on both ends and you should be good to go. Remember, you’ll need to do this on every client copy of NetRender. It may just be a good idea to copy all modules out of your Cinema 4D module directory and copy them over to your net render directory. If you install Cinema 4D all together, it will put the net render client in the same directory as the regular application. It’s when you install a standalone client that this problem occurs.

Also, if you mixing and matching PC’s and MAC’s note that the PC client defaults to port 80 while mac is 8080.