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I’ve been working on some side projects trying to learn the latest Cinema 4D with MoDynamics, Maxon’s latest “kick-ass” feature for simulations of objects colliding. This is good for crumbling buildings, smashing through brick walls, and asteroid fields. On my latest attempt to have a bunch of objects fall from the sky to land on a floor, my results were somewhat unexpected. Objects were occasionally passing through each other (as well as the floor) as if they were not solid.

MoDynamicsSettingsThis problem will usually result if you have objects colliding with one another at high velocities. After much research on the subject, it comes down to one small solution to fix the problem. In your project settings (Menu, Edit->Project Settings) you’ll see a MoDynamics tab. Click on that item tab then choose the sub-tab of ‘Expert’. The magical setting to increase collision detection is ‘Substeps’. You should only increase this number until your particular collision issue goes away, as the more you increase this number, the longer your render times will be. This number decides how many calculations are done in between one frame for objects to detect one another.